Convert presentation PDF back to Powerpoint PPT easily

It’s becoming a normal way that most of the Conference presenters shares his/her Powerpoint or Keynote presentation in the PDF format. This is mainly because you don’t have to have Powerpoint or Keynote to view them. Since everyone can download a light weight PDF reader if they haven’t got already on their Computers to view a PDF file, this is getting more and more of a normal way of sharing presentation slides.

But what if you would like to have them as a Powerpoint file, so that you can present it within your office to reiterate a conference presentation that you and your colleagues enjoyed and want to review it again to talk and discuss about it. PDF files could be helpful as well but a presentation file is a presentation file with videos, audios, transition effects etc… and a PDF file cannot cater itself for this purpose.

You can create a PPT file or PPTX and begin to copy pages from the PDF presentation file. Usually a page is a slide. This could be a daunting process to begin with especially when there are too many slides.

I found a free online converter, a PDF to PPT converter which converts your PDF presentation files to PPT. So that you can have the PPT presentation file to start with and add effects as you like.


How I quickly glanced over the PDF presentation file just like glancing through a Powerpoint presentation.

I personally wanted a Google I/O’s (2012) presentation by Reto Meier “Making Good Apps Great” in the original powerpoint format when it first came out. Then I managed to glance over it like it is a Powerpoint file by reducing the zoom to 80% in my Foxit reader, setting the reader to show one page at a time, with no continuous pages. so when the down key is pressed, the slides move from one to another just like a Powerpoint presentation. That’s windowed mode. Or you can go Fullscreen mode directly.

It’s all good for personal viewing. If I wanted to present with audios and videos this is impossible with a PDF slideshow, So let me use the tool above to convert the PDF I have to a static PPT to begin with.

I am a bit disappointed that the tool can only take in PDF only upto 2 MB, and the “Making good apps great” PDF is about 17MB. I even tried PDF compression utility and got the file size down to 5Mb. I compressed the output and repeated till it can’t compress any further. So I give up with this file.


Let me try some other presentations. I went over at and downloaded a PDF file that’s less than 2Mb.

Here’s a quick 1 min video showing you how a Slideshare PDF file is converted to PPTX and is editable. The output is neat and perfect. If you can’t open the Powerpoint file, you need right-click – go to properties and click on Unblock File, at the right bottom. You need to do this for any Powerpoint file downloaded from¬† the internet.



The free PDF converter tool just does what it says, convert to PPTX Powerpoint format. If your PDF file is more than 2mb but say is about 6-7Mb you can use web tool, to shrink it down. By having a Powerpoint with the option of adding your own audio, video and transition effect will give the static PDF presentation files a new richly presentable life.

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