Convert video files to mp3 with Audacity

Downloading videos from video sites, (skip to conversion to start converting)

There are quite a few websites to download Youtube videos to your hard disk, is one such website I use. Video download helper for Chrome does a good job of downloading videos from Vimeo, etc …but not Youtube. Video Download helper (same name as Chrome extension, but different author) for Firefox is a decent video downloader supporting almost all of the video sites, but that’s not available for Chrome. So downloading Youtube videos on Chrome isn’t full filled by any downloaders. Keepvid comes in handy here. You paste the Youtube link there, and it downloads the video to your computer.

You might download video you really like and want to save it on your hard disk, to burn it on DVD or copy to other devices. But if you have downloaded to convert it to mp3, then this article covers just that. You can use this tool here and skip the rest of the article. But this article is for those who prefer to download videos to watch it as well as convert it to mp3 with a tool like Audacity,

So the conversion process to convert any of the video formats to mp3 goes on something like this.

  1. You need to download and install Audacity if you don’t have it installed already. is the program that we are going to use to convert the downloaded videos to mp3.
  2. You then need to download and install a few programs.  (covered in detail below)
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded video file onto Audacity to load the video’s audio track.
  4. Choose selections or export entire track to mp3. The lame encoder does this job.

Supporting video file formats:

Audacity as is, doesn’t support any of the video file formats. With an extension like FFMPEG you can import all the known formats (mp4, m4a, mpeg, avi, flv, etc…) to edit audio or export it to formats you want with Audacity. The detailed process is explained below,

Programs and a file to download and install before the video to mp3 conversion:

You need to download and install these 2 programs below to get started.

1. FFMPEG for audacity for importing video files.

2. lame for windows. This allows to export the video track’s audio to mp3 format.

The conversion:

Once the programs are all installed, you can now proceed with the conversion. Just drag and drop the video file onto Audacity. This will take a few seconds to load.

Now to export it as mp3, go to File > Export… (image below)

audacity mp3 export

Choose a location to save and enter the ID3v1 information on the next screen, to fill in details such as artist name, track title, and other details any mp3 player would pick up to display.

That’s it, you have now converted video to mp3 with Audacity,

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