Copy all open tabs URL on firefox

Copy URLs Expert is an addon for Firefox that lets you copy URLs of all the tabs that are opened to your clipboard. This also has an option to copy all the links on a selected contents. Say you hit Ctrl+A and select all the contents, it can copy all the URLs, be it any link – images, videos, archives… This is the first plugin of it’s kind, with an ability of copying links and formatting it the way you want it to be on the clipboard.

You can customize how you want the list of URLs to appear. Say you want the title of the page with a dash and the URL, you can do that by going to Format tab from the options window. You can get to options from the Edit on the Firefox menu.

copy url expert options

To customize it, the formatting would be $title – $url for title – URL. Other formatting values are,

$url – Actual link e.g.
$title – Title of the tab e.g. Google
$n – New Line.
$index – Serial number of link.
$date – Today’s date

So to have a list with title – url on a separate line, the markup would be $title – $url$n,

copy url expert formatting

To copy tabs, right click on the tab > copy URLs expert > Tabs in all windows. To copy links from the selection, again right click and click URLs in the selection. But the formatting you wish to copy all that must be a default one as shown in the image above.

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