Copy Wistia videos after viewing them

If you watch Mixergy videos and want to save a copy of it, instead of downloading it from the beginning, this article has an answer for you. You must have watched the video in full for this tool to work to download it fully. Not just Mixergy, this tool is useful for any videos that you want to save a copy as it finished its course downloading it some where temporarily and play it on its flash player. The tool is VideoCacheView. Which you can download it from here. Or get the zip file here. It’s just in few kb’s.

Download, extract, and run it. The wistia video will appear as, flaxxxx.tmp file, xxxx being some hexadecimal values.


As you can see in the image about, the video is fla6F9B.tmp and is 288.04 MB in size. You can right click on the list and copy it to your location of your choice. This tool works on Windows 8 as well. You can download Youtube videos as well this way. You don’t need any other program to do this, but if you want to stream videos instead, checkout this list of the best streaming sites 2015.


You can click on the green play button to play the video before downloading it. You can also get the exact location where the file is saved, and copy it from there.

Click on “Copy Selected Files to” to open a window with copy options. It renames the file extension to flv from tmp for you when you copy it and it also has the option to copy the file with a name of the title of the page that is the active page on the browser. For example you can be on some other page and that title would be the file name. I am on the Mixergy page now, and its title is in the file name field, (image below)



I only found out from this tool, where the Wistia videos that are playing are stored. Click on the Properties and it brings a window with the file details along with the location it is stored. It’s stored in the directory, C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Temp\acro_rd_dir\ just in case if you are wondering.

This tool really is a time saver, and a bandwidth saver as well and is an instant gratification that you can view the video from your hard disk immediately.

So for Mixergy users looking to save their Wistia videos quickly, this is the tool you need.

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