Cortana vs Siri – Digital Assistant Battle Crosses Over To PC

Apple manage to establish a trend in the tech world by implementing a digital assistant into its device’s software. Going by the name of Siri, the digital assistant put at your disposal by Apple has managed to gather quite a fan base for itself. On the other hand, like a few others before it, Microsoft also decided to implement this feature, creating its own digital assistant named Cortana.  The digital assistant battle that started on smart mobile devices seems to have escalated to the point where the two developers will adopt the feature on their desktop software version. Microsoft seems to be planning the implementation of Cortana on the next version of the Windows operating system, while Apple might also be bringing Siri to their Mac computers.

Interesting details about Apple’s plans regarding the subject have been revealed through Apple Insider which managed to get a look at some Apple patents. The respective patents  also talk about a highly intelligent assistant which users can command through voice control. According to the patents, it seems like users will be able to use this newly implemented feature to complete important system tasks, by only using their voice. It is also presumed that they can order Siri to do something, and the process will run in the background while you are dealing with something else on the screen. Activating Siri will only need voice commands or possibly mouse gestures.

On the other hand, Cortana, which is based on a character from the game franchise Halo, will most likely be featured on the new Windows edition. The character in Halo managed to adapt and learn, to better serve Master Chief. Cortana comes as a direct response to Siri and Google Now, the digital assistant options offered by Microsoft’s competition, Apple and Google. According to ZDNET, the idea of a personal digital assistant was something Microsoft wanted to expand since 2011, and had a combination in mind, consisting of Bing, on which it heavily relies, natural language graphs  and Tellme Speech Technology.

A preview version is expected to be presented on September 30, with a Windows Threshold release coming soon after. Although it will probably have a few updates, the new Cortana feature for desktops is expected to be the same as the one users can find on their Windows 8.1 running mobile devices, according to ZDNET.

All new, upcoming versions of Microsoft’s platforms, such as Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox platforms will support the new Cortana digital assistant.

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