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What’s with this phrase? It’s how Mozilla Firefox sends users to Google to let them find a plugin’s latest version, on their own when Firefox is unable to recognize the plugin.

To show you an example,

list of plugins firefox

I have this many plugins and more that are not on this screen shot. When you click on “Check to see if your plugins are up to date” you are taken to a Firefox site’s page – plugin check, where it checks to see if a new version of a plugin exists. Most of the case, Firefox fails to identify the plugin itself. These unrecognizable plugins are left to us to search on the internet.


For the plugin Firefox recognizes it shows it’s “Up to date” or “Update now” with a warning sign. But for the plugins in the bottom. Two of these plugins are shown as “Unknown plugin” and a Research button with a question mark sign. For example Clicking on the Research button for Yahoo! activeX plug-in Bridge, it is taking to Google with a query, current version plugin followed by the plugin name, as shown below,!%20activeX%20Plug-in%20Bridge

As you can see hovering on the Research button shows this Google search query as well,


“Current version plugin” – This is the phrase Firefox thinks would be of use to people looking for an update for their plugin that Firefox fails to recognize. Why not link to the the plugin home page?

Firefox hasn’t taken enough measures to resolve this. They could have an updated plugin list that people are using. Since all of the plugin list are sent to the Firefox plugin check page, they can see from their side, how many of them are listed as unrecognized. Till Firefox comes with something new, we are forced to use the Google search!

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