Dashfolio – an Analytics analyzer

Dashfolio is a new service from the company that created Flippa and 99designs. It is a dashboard that summarizes analytics data showing a bird eye view of the key performance metrics. You can sign in with your Google account.

Weekly Traffic and other key metrics

The metrics you see first is the weekly traffic data. While every analytics shows you monthly, Dashfolio shows weekly. It’s something most of us webmaster don’t always take a look at.

dashfolio report

sample dashfolio report page, knolpad’s dashfolio

Next up is, visits this week. It is compared to last week’s count, thus showing if it’s up or down and by how much percentage. Page views are also shown in the similar way. It also shows pages viewed by visit, and as usual % up or down. A green up arrow to show an up, with how much it’s up and a red down arrow for down, and by how much it’s down. If you want to take a look at the weekly report, Dashfolio does all the work for you crunching the Google Analytics data.

Second, after the weekly metrics, one that goes on the dashboard are Google pagerank, Alexa rank and total pages linking to you,ie backlinks count are shown with its up/down information. Every data that you see is compared with the last week, so you see the difference in its up or down information.

Moving on, my favorite feature, the thing that you need to focus on, the net page speed score, is also shown. The page speed score is taken from the Google’s page speed tool. It links to the page speed insights page, that breaks down what are things you can do, to boost your page speed.

Next, top 5 keywords that you rank for on Google can be seen. This data is taken from semrush just like what Flippa does. But in addition to that, It also displays each key phrases rank movements along with, at what position they rank.

If you have integrated Google adsense with analytics, Dashfolio picks this data to display it as well. This data is compared, with last month, and not a weekly one.

You can connect your site’s Twitter and Facebook page, to see what’s happening there as well. I didn’t connect for this site, as social media is not important one for me at this moment.


Moving aside from the dashboard, you get notifications if your rank for a key phrase has moved up, or other metrics’ positive and negative notifications. You can set an alert on Google Analytics, but this feature works without setting any alerts.

In addition to watching if your site’s got any malwares on Google webmaster tools, Dashfolio monitors that for you as well. It also checks broken links on your site, so you can fix it as soon as possible.

Lastly, its important to know how long your domain is about to expire. Instead of acting only after your domain provider sends you an expiration notice, you can plan ahead when to renew your domain.


Overall Dashfolio is a good addition to your analytics work. It saves a lot of time understanding your site with its one page view of everything that matters to you. If you want to do some serious number crunching and graphs, there’s an another tool automateanalytics.com, which is an Excel sheet with macros. It used to be free before, its now available for $30 a month.

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