DDownloads – a bookmark of popular apps

DDownloads is a software that helps download the most commonly used that are popular as well, directly from the source so there’s no need for searching individually and especially if the PC is brand new or you just installed Windows 8, this is the tool you need, like a bookmark for the popular programs you use.


You can download it from softpedia here http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Download-Managers/DDownloads.shtml

Note: you can only run this program as an administrator or else the program will exit with an error message.

There are 3 major categories for the apps, all available on the first row of the screen. These categories are “Must-have apps”,”portable apps”, and “slim apps”

The must have apps features applications that are seen almost on all the computers. The installers are linked directly and also the download page is linked. The portable apps are the one that doesn’t require installation and can be copied and carried on your USB pen drive and lastly the slim apps are the one that doesn’t ask you to install toolbars or other programs. For example the java program is not a slim application, it asks you to install ask toolbar, though you can choose not to install the toolbar, this is not a slim application. since there is no installer required for the portable apps,  the zip file of the app is directly linked.

The applications are neatly organized as shown below, ddownloads-app-page

For every application you have the direct link and the link to download page. This will save you a lot of time search the download one by one especially if your PC is new or you have installed a new OS like Windows 8.

The only drawback I am seeing is that some apps doesn’t have been linked when you choose to “install apps” they just aren’t there to install.

Another feature is that you can take a snapshot of all the installed apps on your computer which is a very handy list to save it to get these on your other computer as well.

For now this application is a nice bookmark of the popular apps, must have apps. portable apps and windows starter kit.


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