Digg reader, is it a better RSS reader?

When Google reader was announced that it’s going to be shutdown, I like, most of the people, went to Feedly. The good thing Google does with any product it’s sun setting is it gives a grace time to take a backup of everything in over a month period. Google reader has been discontinued this week, after the grace period. Feed demon a desktop RSS reader, has been discontinued as well, as it solely depended on Google reader. With that Feedly became everyone’s favorite RSS reader for its neat interface, especially the home page. Which most of the other feed readers lack. Yes the Digg reader this article is going to cover also lacks this.

Efficient Feed Reader

But Digg reader is efficient, it just focuses on getting the feed and displaying it well like the Google reader. I am not impressed with Feedly at all after taking a look at the Digg reader. Feedly for example don’t have an easy way of adding a blog feed. It just promotes the popular blog on the internet, and not everyone wants to read the popular blogs all the time. The web encourages free speech, and Google reader understood that and made it easier for adding any blog on the internet.

After making a switch over to Digg reader, I am not going to look back. Digg reader lists all the feed on the left side of the screen, and you can click on the popular to see what posts are popular from your feeds collection. The feature that made Google reader more easier to use is the keyboard shortcuts. Digg reader got this one right. Yes Feedly does have a keyboard shortcuts as well, but isn’t this post about Digg reader. Yes I know I started taking about Feedly but I will stop now.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Taking a look at the keyboard shortcuts Digg reader has, it’s easy to use, feels like a familiar one. Press “j” to bring the next item on feed, and “k” for the previous item. Adding a new feed is easy as pressing “a” and typing out the URL of the blog. Pressing “space” and shift + space lets you read on the feed one page after another and backwards respectively. At the end of reading time. you can press shift+a and mark all the other items you don’t want to be marked as unread as read. It’s a shortcut for mark all feeds as read.

You can press “v” and it shows the original post on a new tab. But it does that in way Firefox thinks it’s a pop up and you have to allow the popup for digg reader to have it open the feed’s source page in a new tab. You can toggle between expanded view and list view by pressing 1 and 2 on your keyboard. Soon you will feel more control on how you handle the feeds with these keyboard shortcuts. There are more keyboard shortcuts, let me cover a few and paste a copy of the list. Press “e” to email a post instantly! Yes it doesn’t open a window or a pop up to do this. It straightly goes to gmail and opens a new mail compose with the feed message, all you need to do is add the sender’s email and a few more words and hit send!

As always you can hit “d” to digg a post or “s” to save a post to read it later on, on your favorite list that is all accessible from the left side menu items onĀ  the screen.

A full shortcut keys rundown below,

digg reader keyboard shortcuts

RSS Search

Digg reader’s RSS search is good. Just a search returns a lot of matching feeds. Searching a domain name like domain.com, returns all its category feeds as well. If you can’t find a blog by searching for it, search it like blogname.com.


With Digg reader, you don’t need to install any extensions, it isn’t overly fancy, its straight up to the point reader, with you enjoying your favorite site’s feeds just like you did with Google reader. I truly believe, if people takes a look at this, they will be hooked on to it, just like me.

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