Disable right-click forbidden messages


There are sites that has their right-click disabled. You can’t right-click to see the context menu but an alert message saying that the right-click is disabled. They mainly do that to avoid plagiarism so you don’t right-click to get a context menu, select a portion or all portion of their content and copy it. This disabling lets them to save their content from being scrapped and pasted on some site who doesn’t use the copy shortcut key on their keyboard. Some of them also use this to disable viewing their sites source code. Whatever the reason be, Tynt has a solution that force encourages people to cite to the source when copied.


But your intent may not be to copy and paste it to plagiarize their content, but to share it on the social networks like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter etc… or email it to a friend. The right click disabled javascript they use doesn’t let you to right-click and get the context menu but a message to insult your intelligence. We all have been through that annoyance and tried to avoid those sites or disable javascript to get your work done.

But developers realized it’s all enough, we don’t do it to copy it, but to share it with others. So the enable right-click plugin was born out of this annoyance and frustration. You may be working on an assignment and a quick copy and paste with citing the source is all you are looking to do, this plugin will let you do that.

Allow Right-Click extension for Chrome and RightToClick plugin for Firefox is your solution for a free right click experience on these disabled sites.

Before you install the extension, check it on this page, http://www.knolpad.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/right-click -disabled.html. Hope this will be your last right-click disabled message.

How to enable right-click on blocked sites on Opera

Opera has an option that is checked by default, ie to allow javascripts to access the context menu, which disables the right-click. You can uncheck that to enable right-click. To do that,

  1. Click Opera icon, settings, and thenĀ  preferences…,opera-preference
  2. From the preferences, go to content, and then click on “Javascript Options…”opera-preference-content
  3. Now, uncheck Allow scripts to detect context menu events,opera-preference-content-javascript-options-uncheck-context-menu


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