Disable WhatsApp for Android Auto Download – How To

Almost everyone has WhatsApp installed on their smart phones, WhatsApp is very popular. WhatsApp is a very useful app, but it has like everything else it is not perfect, it has some problems. The problem that this app brings is that it fills up your phone’s memory. The app automatically downloads the pictures, videos, etc that are sent to you. The automatic download seems to be set by default, but you can actually switch it off and save your memory.

The process of turning the auto download off is not very complicated. What you need to do is explore your settings and get a better idea of how the app works. WhatsApp downloads automatically audio, video files and pictures, but you can choose what you want to automatically download by checking in a box. For example, most of the users have the picture box checked and the app downloads without asking for permission. You can even choose if you want the app to download files using your Wi-Fi or your data. The only option you cannot uncheck is the voice message one, because voice messages are downloaded for better quality.

Disable WhatsApp for Android Auto Download 2

  • If you are using Android OS, you need to open the app and tap in the right corner of the screen ( the menu) and select the option Settings
  • The next thing you have to do is go in Chat settings, after that go in Media auto-download
  • After you enter Media auto-download you can enter the “when using mobile data” or “when using Wi-Fi” and just check what you want to download and what you don’t want to be downloaded.



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