Draw Day Demolition Review – Football/Soccer betting system. Worthy?


People with the advent of internet have been sports betting online. The popular games are Football/soccer, American football, tennis, horse racing, and any sport the bookies have a betting offer in place. This is not gambling, this is a way to earn extra money on the side if you bet professionally. It could be part time or even a full time work. It’s not illegal or banned by the government or frown upon by a lot of activists. So if you are either a seasoned betting person or a beginner you will discover ways to earn a little or increase your income to a full time income with the betting system I am about to reveal in this article.

Draw Day Demolition Review:


For a successful betting with consistent profits, you need a system. This is where Draw Day Demolition membership program comes into the picture. The program essentially gives you the betting selection that you can place bets on. These selections are carefully hand picked, and calculated so your odds of winning the bet is close to possibility. Ofcourse you can’t win all the bets, that’s statistically impossible to happen. So this system protects you from losing a bet, when that occurs their guarantee is to make the next 2-3 bets a winner, so your monthly income from betting will always be a profit. You will be betting on a betting exchange, so no dealing with bookmarkers that won’t produce a consistent result for you. This system also guarantees a high win rate with 10-20 selections a week!

So what is this Draw Day Demolition system?

It is a tipster service, that promises consistent tax-free income month in and month out. It works by predicting winners with their proprietary back end calculation system. It’s not like any other free services out there. This is a  system developed for many years to achieve results like you see in the chart below,


The name Draw day demolition implies that with their system, it can predict matches that highly likely to end in a draw. That’s for football/soccer. The terminology you would be focusing on is strike rate. It’s the rate of your winnings out of 100 bets placed. If the strike rate is 50%. You are equally wining and losing. Draw day demolition’s selections has an average strike rate of 77%. Which means you win 77 times of the 100 bets placed. Another terminology to focus is the Average winning odds, this should be higher for a good return. Say if you bet £100 or $100 on a game that’s proven to not result in a draw, When you win the bet, you get to keep the profit, say £100 or $100 a game. When you bet on 100 games, your strike rate is let’s say 75% and average odds of winning is 6. The math here is,

First, multiply your strike rate by average odds of winning,

Which is 75 X 6 = 450 points. Now subtract the odds of losing which is (100-75), that is 25. Your net points won is 450 – 25 = 425. You can now redeem these points for cash. The betting exchanges I am going to tell in a moment will have a higher cash per points. So, now the betting exchange that gives you a higher profit, 888sport, my personal favourite. But here are the list of bookies that pay a Free bet money to jump start you into their system. Visit this page for the list of bookies.


If you are a football/soccer fan, then why not make money with your passion? Draw Day demolition is your best bet. The program sends you 10-20 weekly selections of a game that is not most likely to result in a draw. If you see the chart above, which is a  £100 stake level profits, you can see that it’s profitable from the day 1 and the profits just keeps increasing.

The chart starts on 1 Nov 2014, by December, the average profit is at  £540. And by January 2015, it hit the profit level of  £1,740. That’s a big money for only a little effort from your part. Draw day demolition makes all this happen for only  £24.99 a month or $37.8 per month. You can cancel the program at any time and you won’t be billed again.

This program also comes with an Iron clad 60 day money back guarantee. So if for any reason you are unsatisfied with program, you get all your money spent on the program so far. Fair deal right? So go ahead and give it a try, watch the football/soccer game and get paid for it.


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