Enhance your command experience with Console

console window

Using command prompt got a little bit comfortable with Console, It is not a Windows command enhancer addon or something like that, it is a program on its own. You can use it just like your Windows command. Multiple tabs, setting start destination on its UI, copying and pasting using keyboard shortcuts, selecting texts with mouse left and shift are some of the features.

When you first start, configure the settings (Ctrl + s) with Windows default keyboard shortcuts. For instance, copy and paste has some other key assigned to it, Changing it to Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v will do it.

Console can be improved. After selecting a text there should be a way to copy it to the clipboard. But the clip modifier command after the pipe symbol, like dir | clip, copies the output to the clipboard. This comes handy. You can’t enter fullscreen mode, by keying in Alt+Enter though.

Stopping scroll, stops scrolling when a long output is being printed on the screen. You can as well, rename the window title. Both features can be accessed from Edit. Ctrl + F 1 opens a new tab. You can change it to something like Ctrl + t.

It’s a quick 1.7 kb installer. Download and play with it, and see if this is going to replace your Windows command. Yes, you need to remap your command key shortcut to fire Console up when you type “cmd” onto the start for a quick start of this program.

Command inspires fast, and Console can be tweaked for fast. Will this replaces my “cmd”, I am yet to find that out.

There goes the quick shout out for Console, and you can download it, below,

Get Console from SourceForge.

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