Evan Sharboneau Photography Masterclass Review: Is This DSLR Software Everything It Claims?

Introduction: What Is Photography Masterclass?

You have tried out all the tips and tricks found on magazines or on the internet. But still couldn’t take that photo that looks professional, attention grabbing and gorgeous. Does this sound like you? You are on this page now because you own a DSLR camera and heard about Evan Sharboneau’s Photography Masterclass course.

If you want more information on what this program includes, check out this video:

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Then read on, as we cover the course in depth with pros and cons and with all the information you need to make a purchase decision.

Evan Sharboneau Photography Masterclass Review:

photography masterclass reviewEvan Sharboneau is the creator of this program. He is a professional photographer that learned the tricks to taking shots like a pro after struggling shooting only mediocre photos for a long time before we ventured out and learned the tips and tricks to shoot photos like a pro. Photography Masterclass is a 4 module video course that runs for about 12 hours of teaching you with right skills to become a pro photo shooter.

The course claims to teach you to master DSLR even if you are a beginner that just bought a DSLR camera, or a seasoned photographer whos skills can be further improved to a level where you shoot photos that is stunning. So every one is covered.

The 4 module photography course has 29 videos in total for you to watch at any time, learning at our own pace. There are transcriptions for each of the videos, so in case if you don’t watch the videos, you can read the transcript. You can do both as well. Let me break down each modules for you now,

Module 1: Mastering your DSLR camera. 

This module has 9 videos in it running for about 2 hours and 26 minutes. You can ofcourse skip the parts you already know. This module’s main focus is on not making you depend on the manual mode of the DSLR camera settings to take every photos. You  will learn various settings and functions of a DSLR camera. Once you have completed this module, consider that you have mastered the camera, that is any type of DSLR camera.

Module 2: Photography Equipment.

This module has 6 videos in it, running for a total time of about 2 hours and 33 minutes. This module will teach you about different kinds of photography gears and it’s various functions. Also covers what products you must and must not buy. The staying away from a particular kind of equipment will alone save you frustrations and most importantly time. So you will exactly know the right kind of equipment to buy. If you don’t have a DSLR camera, you will be taught when to buy the cheapest DSLR camera instead of the latest model available in the market. Different gears that constitute the equipment such as the right sensor size to get, you will know if the speciality lenses are worth it, and whether to buy a branded or third-party lenses, 4 filters that every professional photographers should own – when to use and avoid filters, lightings – speedlights or monolights, TTL, manual flashes, wireless flashes and light modifiers, you will get an orientation on all of these lightings aspect, don’t worry if you don’t understand any of it now. The author says he priced the course low because you got to put money into the equipment, it matters that much.


Module 3: Composition and shot planning.

Evan Sharbouneau says this module is the one that can let you break the code finally and take shots like pros. He goes on to say that the principal taught in this module took the average photographers to global icons. You will be learning, what mistakes everyone makes when starting out and how to avoid it, what makes a good photo and what can make a photo be bad,  framing, balance and colors, the rule of the thirds, symmetry & pattern, depth of field & field of view, dynamics, motion and mergers, outdoor light management and light setups for an aesthetically pleasing images, and even more to learn in this module to quickly jump start to becoming a pro.

Module 4: Post production and software.

This is the last module, that is well suited for  the pro’s. This module teaches you to convert your great shots into a stunning photo, what software to use – Evan’s comparison of different Abobe products – Adobe Elements, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. How to use each of these software and making the best use of it while the software is in trial version mode. With this module even your mediocre photos become a visually appealing one.

We have now seen what the product is, it’s time for Pros and Cons,


  • Covers all kinds of photographers, the module 1 and 2 is for beginners, while 3 & 4 are for seasoned photographers.
  • Photography Masterclass, is THE lowest priced photography course available in the entire internet. Evan’s years and years of experience shows in this course. It’s affordable and you don’t want to break your bank to get it. Like Evan says, the course is priced low so that you can buy equipments. What else could you ask more?
  • This is the only product available in Evan’s library for you. You don’t need to buy his other products that promises what this course left of. He didn’t leave anything, everything you need to know about taking a gorgeous picture with your DSLR is covered.
  • This course is both a time and money saver. Evan has spent a lot of time and money purchasing the wrong equipment. Your learning curve is very short. Imagine you being a pro after a month!
  • The course comes with 3 bonus guides, DSLR camera equipment guide, Portrait mood simulator guide, and virtual lighting simulator. These bonuses, as Evan says has a price tag on its own, but these are yours for free when you purchase Photography Masterclass course.
  • Photography Masterclass comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Evan will refund every cents of your money if you think this course isn’t for you or you chose to not have fun taking photos anymore, whatever the reason is, your money will be completely refunded.


  • This course is a comprehensive course, the video training itself runs over 12 hours of watch time. If you watched a video over and over again, and it’s too difficult for you to grasp all the materials, it would take a week to just study the materials. This course isn’t an one-sit completion one.
  • While Evan is a master photographer, he isn’t a master video maker. So the videos you get to see aren’t that professional.
  • The course is only available on the internet. It is not found on the bookshelves as a DVD or sold anywhere offline. So don’t expect a mail man to arrive at your door shipping a DVD. It’s all internet only!


Evan during his teaching years has helped over 9 million photographers, so you are in the right hand to learn from. The course is extensively researched and produced one that you will learn about everything DSLR photo capturing magic in one course. If you want to take your photography skills to the next level, then I say this course is the one you need.

However, if $77 for a course that is only going to be for your hobby feels like expensive, then this is not for you. But seeing all photography courses on the internet selling for $200 to $1500, this course is a steal! Take a look at this photo below, the before and after image of Evan’s. Before when he had no skills, and after with the skills he teaches in this course,

If you want to take your photography skills to the next level, visit Evan’s page now to see even more photos he has taken, and to see what people think of this course,

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