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expense manager android

Managing expenses against the budget has got easier with Expense Manager for Android. Even better as you start recording your expenses, you are reminded for how much more you can spend that month. You can set your budget each month and see a graph of expenses Vs budget for each month. Taking a look at which month cost you more money and which month saved you money can be very handy. Managing your money on smartphone, is a good friend for everyone, not just budget conscious ones.

First time run

When you run the app for the first time, you will see that the default currency is british pounds. You can change it on the settings screen. To access that bring up the context menu, by tapping on the left most button.


You can easily find how to add the expenses, as tapping anywhere on the screen would do it. As well as, the plus sign is visible on the top, tap on that to add an expense entry.

You can categorize each expense type, like food and drinks, health, leisure, and transportation. The remaining items go to the “other”. There is overhead, you can use it to add rents, internet bill etc… as it’s an ongoing expense. You can also set budgets for each of these categories and see if it increased or is within the budget.

expense manager budget

As the app is expense manager, the income management is disabled and it stays disabled.

Going back to “general settings”, you can group it monthly, weekly and yearly. That’s also where you can change the currency as well. The available currency are US dollars, Euro, Japan Yen, British pounds, CHF and SEK. Add your currency if it’s not available. I had to add INR for Indian rupees.

There is a remainder, you set it to remind if you hadn’t added an expense for a day and set it to alert you at a specific time of the day.

As the data grows over the months, before thinking if this app has got a backup, it has. You can take backup via bluetooth, or send it to gmail or by LAN. The backup file is a .expensemanager, that only this app recognizes. You can try opening the file with a text editor as well, to see if it’s readable. But the restoring has to be this file type.

Now to the exciting part. You can export it to Excel. The file exported is in XLSX format.

With data added every day, your dashboard is where you can see the overview, history, distribution and statistics.

expense manager dashboard

History is from where you see the every day expenses happened for that month. You can go to any time in the records. Distribution, lets you take a quick look at how each categories got expended. Statistics is like the score card of your entire spending activity, and this is where you see the expense vs budget graph,

expense manager statistics

You can compare all the expenses vs the total budget, or drill down each categories.

Closing words,

Expense manager is a great app for managing your expenses on your phone. The area where the app could improve is, ability to import from Excel. Other than that it’s a nifty pocket expense manager.

Expense Manager at Google Play Store

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