Facebook Messenger – Best Tips And Tricks of 2014

The Facebook messenger app is something most of us installed a while ago, at least people using Facebook, which means pretty much everyone. Back when it came out, you could choose to use it or not, having the integrated chat function of the Facebook app at your disposal. Now, however, the chat function has been officially cut loose, being removed from the Facebook app. The Facebook messenger remains the only way to chat with your friends on Facebook at the moment, so it would be useful to know some tips and tricks to improve your experience, right?  Check below for a few useful solutions.

Audio Shortcuts

You can always write messages and send them to your friends, but if you get bored or annoyed by having to type out long messages, you can either use the Call function, which is pretty newly implemented into Facebook Messenger. It is the same thing as the Call function on WhatsApp. Another solution is to use the audio clip function which lets you send out small audio clips. Hit the microphone icon to record, and when you’re done, the app will automatically send the clip.

Group Shortcut

You can skip entering the Messenger app and go directly to your persons of interest by pinning down a group on your home screen as a shortcut. You can achieve this by going into your Groups tab and then entering the options menu. From there, you can use the option that lets you pin a group to your home screen. You can either pin an existing group, or create your own, new group.

Photos On The Go

You will notice that there is a camera icon on your keyboard while in the app. Tap that icon to swap your keyboard for a viewfinder. You can choose between the rear and front facing cameras, and you can take pictures by tapping the paper airplane icon in the middle of the viewfinder. You can also change to see your previously taken shots.

Express Yourself

Within the Facebook Messenger app, you can send people a big “like” icon, right in the chat screen, by pressing the “like” icon at the end of the screen. Also, you can opt for an emoji or animated sticker, if that’s more close to your thing.

Stay Connected

The Messenger app even lets you send out a signal that lets your friends know where you are, and where you were when you texted them. There is a location icon next to the smiley face, in the option box above the keyboard, and that’s what you use. As long as that’s active, you can be sure that friends can see where you are on the map at any given time.

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