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Today King.com the company behind Candy crush saga overtook zynga as the number one game on Facebook in terms of the monthly users it has, that is 150.04 million users surpassing zynga’s 150.02 million users! .

That’s all on Facebook alone. Both zynga and king has their top apps available on Google play and apple store.

I am not sure about zynga, where you can pick up a game from where you left off on one device on the other. But king games can be played on PC right from where you left off on mobile. Maybe zynga hasn’t got this feature yet.

According to a bloomberg report, King gained a 100 million users the past year where zynga seen the same amount of users go. I can totally agree with that, as I was playing zynga poker last year whereas now I play Candy crush saga.

Now, to the observed facts about Candy crush saga,

1. Every game’s candy set is a random one. That is what makes it easier to complete in one go on a level, while other levels are hard. A level is easy when you have many possibilities of winning as the candy set at the beginning is easy to make a candy match and easier it is to get a 4 candy match or a 5 candy match. You have seen yourself mixing a color bomb and a stripped candy on these easy levels. Everything falls into its place. The probability of getting this luckier is thin, which is the reason on a difficult level you have to keep on playing to get the right candy permutation at the beginning.

2. You don’t need to spend money to get extra 5 moves. The possibilities are you have to pay for atleast 10-20 extra moves, even if you sure know its easy to complete with one one jelly to remove or one fruit left to bring it to the bottom. The chances of winning it is more with just an another play instead of buying extra moves. The odds of getting a wining game is possible with an another play. It just will not be in the next game.

candy-crush-saga-color-bomb-wrapped-candy3. When you get a color bomb, wait till if it gets near to a stripped or a wrapped candy to make a special move. A color bomb with a wrapped candy gets you more points than mixing a color bomb with a stripped candy.

4. Any level can be won without buying a lollipop hammer or other special goodies. You may think you can only complete a level by playing say 10 times. But if the permutation of a candy set is good, then you can win a level even at a very next play.

5. You can always quit a boring play by clicking exit game (looks like a power button in red) at the bottom left of the game screen.

6. You don’t need a walk through for this game, as every game is a different one. You just need patience and a little smarty moves. Smarty moves like waiting for a stripped candy when you have a wrapped candy to move that special move. This would help with levels that needs all jelly to be removed to win.

7. It is easy to get too addicted at the beginning. Don’t make it a race among your friends as who is on what levels. This way, you don’t need to hunt on the web for infinite life or something like that, which won’t work and is against the King’s terms of game play.

8. You don’t need too many friends to get the benefits out of them, just a few regular players will do, to get you the extra life when needed.

9. Don’t always make a move the game recommends to make. You should know what’s the next best possible move. Sometimes the recommended move helps, but you can only know if its helping or not by playing your game.

10. The 20 minute delay for life can be cracked with a change time hack, but this only works on mobile and tablets and not on Facebook. This is the only hack I recommend and don’t waste time on other special goodies hack, Just enjoy the game and be patient.

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