Fallout 4 Apparently Delayed, New Details Surface

The Fallout franchise has the support of a large community that is continuously growing, eagerly anticipating the release of the successor for the very successful Fallout 3, which is the last launched instalment. The highly expected Fallout 4 , despite the on-going rise in follower numbers, is yet to make any official appearance. The fans of the game have been patiently waiting for quite some time now, as they continue to be left in the dark regarding the development of the title. The only thing they have to hang on to for the moment are rumours going around about a potential 2015 release date for the game. Other sources add a little more detail to their speculations, claiming that the Fallout 3 successor will arrive during the Fall of 2015. None of the rumours that have been on the community’s debating table for a pretty long time got any confirmation from Bethesda or any other party officially involved.

Other rumours included speculations of a game announcement at the PAX East event that took place in August and concluded on September 1, but didn’t hear a word about Fallout at the event. This pretty much excludes any other possibility for a game release to hit earlier than 2015. The long streak of information lack regarding Fallout was starting to make fans think there won’t even be another Fallout game coming out.

Their fears were cast away by the arrival of the Fallout 4 teaser trailer, which gave us juicy new details about the game. It seems like the action in Fallout 4 will unravel over the sights of post-apocalyptic Boston, and players will have to deal with a brand new race. The design also features changes, adopting quite the cyber-punk aspect. We shall wait and see if the newly added features can match the excitement generated by the new elements of the previous game, which were the Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel.

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