Fallout 4 Fake or Real Gameplay Leak?

You surely have been disappointed about the fact that there was no confirmation for the Fallout 4 game from Bethesda at this E3 Conference. Well, this might not be much, but a certain Reddit user under the name of GNR_Informant says that he is positive the Fallout 4 game is in production. The source of his rumor, he says, is a PR officer at the Bethesda Company. Not only did the user state this, but also added that the action is going to be placed in Boston and that there is no doubt that the Fallout 4 is a sequel for Fallout 3, leaving no room for any parallel storyline.

While we saw Boston before in the Fallout franchise, this time it promises to look a tad different with some retro-looking buildings that are meant to give a type of futurism vibe to the whole game. The ‘enemies’ in this part of the franchise are going to be called “The Plantation” which are basically are enslaving, if we may so, Androids to farm the land so that Humans can get the food.

Bethesda decided not to include groups like the Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel since they got a lot of hate from users worldwide in the Fallout 3 game. Instead, there are rumors about a new race just in the centre of Boston city. Also, Bethesda isn’t making any changes when it comes to the leveling system.

What we can all hope is that the Fallout 4 will be revolutionary and won’t resemble the Fallout 3 game or Bethesda’s other very popular game, Skyrim.

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