Fallout 4 Release Date And News For The Xbox One And PS4

Rumours and speculations regarding the highly anticipated Fallout 4 game started to intensify. An official confirmation or specified release date are yet to make their appearance so far, but, however, the constant talking on the subject suggests that the game is very likely to drop for its worldwide audience somewhere in 2015 after it would have participated at the 2015 edition of the E3 event.

The developer behind the previous Fallout instalment, who managed to do a pretty good job if you consider how many years it’s been since they made it, and also the amount of hype they’re getting right now for the sequel to Fallout 3 which has not even been officially confirmed yet. Unofficially, however, the game has been confirmed in a  way by Bethesda representatives. Bethesda let it slip a little earlier when they were asked if they were working on any new games, and the executive over at Bethesda said that they are working at a game that could very well represent the best one in the developer’s catalogue. The reported work on the new, challenging game, was presumably scheduled for after the release of the DLC update for Skyrim. The DLC in question was released last year, so there are big chances for the Fallout 4 production to have already started.

A Bethesda official went on saying that even though, at that time, the studio had a part of their team working on the upcoming massive, game changing title that would be considered the biggest and best work of theirs yet, he continued by adding that the project in question would, however, need the studio’s full attention to make it just right.

In regards to the discussed Fallout 4, Bethesda cared to say when asked, that they bought the game rights for a reason, and they intend on making use of their investment. According to that report, it’s a matter of timing before the studio manages to start working on the Fallout 4 project, but in theory, the game is definitely coming out. Also, they’ve added that they want to take care and nurture their Fallout 4 project as they do for their other critically acclaimed title, The Elder Scrolls.

When the game does in fact get a release date, it will more than likely be available on all major gaming platforms, meaning that you will be able to play the new Fallout installment either on a PC, or if not, on one of the major next-gen consoles that came out not too long ago. As for differences that might stand out from the previous Fallout, you can bet there will be quite a few, considering the franchise’s long hiatus.

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