Fallout 4 Release Date and Top Graphic Rumors

As rumors have started to fly in anticipation of the next installment in the Fallout series, one of the editors at Bethesda, which is making the game, has come to put a stop to them. The editor was questioned about supposedly leaked casting information and documents by Kotaku and he responded that Bethesda does not have a timeframe set for this game, but he believes it will take a while longer before the enthusiastic Fallout fans will be able to get their hands on the newest installment . A user on Reddit named GNR_Informant is the one that actually started the buzz, as it is believed that his information comes directly from Bethesda’s public relations office.

The setting for the fourth Fallout game claimed by this user had words CyberPunk and Retro-Futurism flying around, as he believes the action of the game will take place in Boston, and that the game is a direct continuation of the last one. There are reportedly more building in this one as well.

In-game, it is believed that Androids will make their appearance, as well as other races, maybe. It is believed also that the game will feature a leveling system similar to the one you can find in Skyrim, meaning that players would level up their skill set after completing a mission.

Speculations continue , aiming release details for the game as well. They suggest that the game will come out for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and that this will happen  sometime during next year’s fall, so the game will be presented at E3 2015.

The Bethesda editor also said that they are currently trying to figure out which are the best ideas for the game, and that they are used to all the speculation and questions.

While waiting for Fallout 4, fans could look into other games currently in works by Bethesda, such as The Evil Within, Prey 2 and BattleCry.

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