Fallout 4 Release Date Denied By Bethesda

One of Bethesda’s best selling games, and also one of the most critically acclaimed titles, is the Fallout franchise. Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment made no habit of being very public about their releases, as fans have constantly been in the dark when it came to the next installment to the Fallout series. The last title released, Fallout 3 along with an expansion for the game, called Fallout New Vegas, have kept fans alert on their toes, awaiting the next chapter. An incident that really started to stir up rumors was the tweet from Erik Dellums, the voice actor who gives life to the beloved Fallout 3 character, Three Dog. In his tweet, the actor says, with authorization from Bethesda, according to him, that new Fallout might be on the way. This happened all the way back in January 2013, and no official statement regarding the Fallout franchise or the actor’s statement came from Bethesda. Since no official confirmation or continuation of the respective tweet occurred, many fans believed it was just a prank.

A game trademark spotted on the OHIM (Office of Harmonization of the Internal Market) back in November 2013 made fans start speculations and agitation amongst the masses once more. However, that particular rumor had a pretty short life, as it was soon found out that it was nothing but a fake, work of Survivor2299, therefore pushed to the side, as eager fans were still waiting for something real.

After all the recent rumors (at that time), the Fallout fan base was as anxious as ever for a new release, and speculations kept on coming. Pete Hines, who is the market executive and community manager over at Bethesda, the company that developed the previous Fallout installments, can tell you exactly how eager the fans were, as he was constantly asked about new Fallout. They were mostly inquiring about a release date for the game.

New Fallout information, so to say, came out during this year’s Electronic Arts Expo, where the same Pete Hines said that all the recent rumors were not true, making sure to dismiss all the false information regarding their Fallout franchise. As per Hines’s words, Bethesda is currently working on a new game, but the executive said that the company will give out no information at this time.

Fallout fans attending this year’s Gamescom didn’t have any more luck, as no Fallout information was given during Bethesda’s presentation either. One of the last hopes gamers that await the next Fallout installment have, is the Tokyo Game Show, which Bethesda will be attending. The Tokyo Game Show will be held from 18 to 21 September.


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