Fallout 4 Release Date – What Does Bethesda Think?

Waiting for the next Fallout sequel? Well, we might have some information for the starving fan that you are. Some rumors say that the very famous game Fallout might come back. We don’t really know when or how, but Erik Dellums, the voice of Three Dog, tweeted, in 2013, that the game will definitely come back, even if Bethesda did not say a word about this. So, no comments from Bethesda? This might be awkward, even if Dellums received the permission to talk about an eventually come-back.

Many of the fans hoped that, during E3, there will be at least some screenshots or something to see from Fallout 4, after a wave of rumors among online users that claimed to know the release date of the game. Even if the players set their standards high, Bethesda announced that there will be no infos about the game at E3.

And to put some salt on the wounds, Pete Hines announced that everything that it’s said about Fallout 4 is wrong, every single release date and any other information’s. It’s said the game it’s still under development. Sad, isn’t it? Well, at least I’m pretty sure all this waiting it’s not for nothing, but it’s for a game that will definitely shake the ground.

For the fans that still hope something from Bethesda, there will be 2 events during 2014: Gamescon, between August 14-17 and Tokyo Game Show, between September 18-21 in which Bethesda will participate.

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