Fallout 4 – The New and Fresh In The Series

Fallout is an RPG (role-playing-game) created by Interplay Entertainment. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic era from the future. The whole theme of the post-apocalyptic era is inspired by the fears of America of 1950, when people were afraid that the new technology like the Atomic Bomb will not help to set order in the world and just destroy it. The Atomic Bomb accident is mostly the source of inspiration for the game environment.


The first Fallout was released in 1997. The time where the game begins is 2161, in Southern California.

The beginning mission of the game is to search a water ship to be able to replace a chip that has been broken in Vault 13 (the name of the home you have in Fallout). In the first part of the game you can clearly see that Interplay Entertainment inspired their world from the places that have been bombed with nuclear bombs, especially the ones after WW2.

Fallout 2:

The second Fallout, released in 1998 was more of a updated version of the original Fallout (1997).

The action takes place in 2241, after eighty years from the original Fallout. The main character from the game is actually descended from the main character from the original Fallout. The protagonist has to save his village (Arroyo), from drought and many other deadly things.

Fallout 3:

Fallout 3 was released after 10 years from Fallout 2, because there have been fights over the ownership of the Fallout franchise. What made Fallout 3 a lot more better is the addition of 3D graphics, making the game seem a lot more realistic to the player. This version also follows the story of its anterior version, the Fallout 2. The story takes place after thirty years from Fallout 2. The main story line is that the protagonist has lost his father and he left Vault 3 to search for his father in the Capital Wasteland.

Fallout New Vegas: This game was released on 19th October, 2010 and it does not have any connection with the storyline of all the other Fallout games.

Fallout 4:

The Fallout series are owned now by the Bethesda Softworks, and they have claimed that there will be a new Fallout 4 in the future.

There are someĀ rumorsĀ and even facts about Fallout 4:

  • The confirmation that there will be a Fallout 4 has been made by Erik Dellums (voice actor) on twitter on January 2013, saying that he will be going back to work on Fallout 4.
  • There was a site in 2013, that had a countdown timer, which people believed to be the timer till Fallout 4 is released. They did the same for Fallout 3. Bethesda Softworks said that they did not have anything to do with that site, and it probably is just a hoax.
  • On 11th December 2013 it has been confirmed that they are working on Fallout 4 and that it will take place in Massachusetts, but the release date has not been revealed.


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