Find royalty free images, videos and text contents using google advanced search

Google advanced search lets you narrow down your search results by a lot of filters. You can search by languages, region, file type..etc.. all these you might have already known. There is another filter, Usage rights which lets you filter search results by free to use or share or modify or all even for commercial purpose. This is how you find your royalty free contents.

google advanced search

On the advanced search page, scroll down till you see “Usage rights” like shown in the image below. You can select from the options depending on how you are going to use the content found in the search results.

Free to use, share or modify, even commercially, takes me to page that will display all the results narrowed down by this filter.


A search on “electric guitars” gets me content from wikipedia, other wiki sites, creative commons license content etc…

You can get images, text and video contents to use on your newsletter or white paper or anywhere you want without having to worry about any copyright issues. A good practice is to credit the source where ever applicable.

This filtered search lets you discover sites beyond wikipedia or flickr to find royalty free content.

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