Firefox blocks Java(TM) platform SE 7 U12 to U15


In case of vulnerabilities like this one and previously Foxit Reader Plugin and below, its strongly advisable you check with the Firefox plugin Check page.

There is a good chance the vulnerable plugins got an update. Here’s what Firefox has to say,

This plugin version has a security vulnerability that websites can exploit and potentially harm your computer. It is recommended that you update this plugin or if an update is not available, disable it.

As seen from the plugin check page, it has an update available.


If you run the Java auto update scan, you are prompted to download the latest version as when available. You can’t oversee an update as just features update but also as a security update. So if you are ignoring the update,  stop doing it!

The plugin check page sends you to this java link to get updated. But before check your system tray if an update icon is there. You can use that instead of downloading Java platform SE7 or Java Deployment Toolkit 7.0 all over again.

If the system tray doesn’t prompt, you can head over to this java download page and get a 30 MB installer to install the latest version of Java which is secure and not vulnerable to any attacks.

In this case, the update did no good, Oracle the owners of Java is yet to release an update, so till then I strongly urge you to disable the plugin, as I did myself,


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