“Firefox can’t find the server at…” Problem? Resurrect it with this plugin.


Often times you click on a link to only see the page cannot be loaded, these dead links, can it be resurrected? Or you may visit a site and it won’t load, chances are its server is overloaded, can it be resurrected? Yes and yes, they can be. Thanks to the Resurrect Pages plugin for Firefox, that goes through bunch of search engines to check their cache and show it to you when a page/site doesn’t load.

You could already be viewing its Google cache, but searching with a cache operator like this, Cache:yoursite.com, with small ‘c’ not Cache. This plugin makes it easier for you to do that with not just Google but through 5 major cache sites. These are the following sites, the plugin looks up to see if there’s a current cache of the site/page you are looking for, if there’s one it is shown. The caches that are looked through are,

o CoralCDN
o Google Cache
o Yahoo! Cache
o The Internet Archive
o MSN Cache
o Gigablast
o WebCite

You can’t predict when a site goes down. So having a plugin to do the cache surfing, will be handy.

There were times when a site on a shared hosting server gets tons of traffic from digg or slashdot and the site becomes sluggish, this plugin will also takes care of that.



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