Fix Galaxy S4 Screen Burn In With Newest Methods

The Galaxy S4 has been released for about one year now, and what that means is that the AMOLED display might deteriorate because it is made of organic material. Another problem that the AMOLED screen has is that it can get screen burn-in. Here are some tricks that can help you keep your phone safe from screen burn-in.

If you have used an OLED device you might have gotten a taste of this issue. Devices that have static elements like icons on smartphone are more prone to screen burn-in. The screen burn-in is not always noticeable because of the dynamic of your screen, screen burn-ins can be seen best on white screens.

Screen Burn In Tool

Google Play has made some screen burn in tools Apps available, but it they don’t always work, it depends on how bad your screen burn is.The idea is to get one of these app as soon as you buy your phone. For example you can download the app Screen Burn In Tool and just run it from time to time. The app has been optimized mostly for KitKat’s immerse mode, and it just flashes colors on your screen that will keep the appearance of burn- in away.

DIY versions to be wary of

There is a trick that people are using to keep burn ins away. The trick is to keep a white display for 12 hours. The problems is that this only works for LCD display, not OLED ones, it actually makes your screen burn in worse. The best myth I heard is to take an image of an ghosted display and put in on a white display, than make a negative version display on your smartphone. But don’t do it on a LCD display because it will have the reversed effect, creating burn-ins. Also this is just a myth so don’t take it for granted.

Screen replacement

If the prevention Apps did not work the only solution left is to change your screen. You could take your screen to Samsung for replacement but it will cost. The second option is to change it yourself, its not as hard as it might seem. But the a screen usually costs about $150. The conclusion is that when a burn-in appears on your screen, there is no cure for it, you can try to minimize its visibility, but replacing the screen is the right choice.

Get proactive!

The first thing you should do after buying a new smartphone is to get a screen burn-in prevention App, change the light to a darker theme and you should be good.

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