Fix or hide youtube comments

Youtube comments are getting more bothering everyday. Youtube disables comments altogether on safety mode. But not all comments are unsafe. Some provide time navigation for really long video, some are reviews, some are really useful pointers and so on… But most of the comments are sick.

How to fix it?

Techcrunch wrote a post on a browser plugin – Yuletube, for chrome, firefox and opera that fixes these kind of disturbing Youtube comments by replacing nasty words and phrases with something humorous by cutely censoring offensive curse words.

Take a look at how these comments on “Rebecca Black’s Friday” official song page change after Yuletube in action.

Original Comments,


and how this page is when Yuletube is put to work,


Looks much better!

But sometimes it’s even better, to have a switch – to turn on to see comments, regardless of fixed by Yuletube or not.

Enter this greasemonkey script, it toggles comments on or off. Take a look below,


The toggle state is remembered. Meaning you don’t have to turn on or off, every time you watch a new video.

The button moves along as you scroll down to read the comments should you turn it off.

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