Fix “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait……”


Feedly was working fine till yesterday, until it didn’t even load the home page and froze with a page that said “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait……….”

Mine is version 14.0.482. I looked at the frozen page’s html and it only has all the javascripts to authenticate the sessions and the body tag has the html code for the “please wait”.

It’s a common reasonable thing to download the latest version. So I went to the Firefox Feedly addon page, Alternatively you can click on the direct XPI link here. Surprisingly I have the latest version installed that is 14.0.482. So I re-installed it again to just see how it goes.

Wooohooo! Feedly home page is loading now. Didn’t think it was this easy.


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