Floating stickies makes a good use of the standout library


Standout is a library for Android that help you easily create floating windows on top of any windows. One app that makes a great use of the library is “Floating stickies” which is available on Google play and goes to show you what one can make use of the library in a meaningful ways.

With floating sticks you can create any sticky notes and let it float above anything that are on the screen. You might have an app opened already yet the floating stickies floats on the top of it. A sticky notes app couldn’t been of any handier than this.

This image says exactly what you can do with your floating stickies,


Get the app here, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=genius.mohammad.floating.stickies&hl=en

[via lifehacker via makeuseof]

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