Fujitsu technology measures real-time pulse rate using webcam or a front-facing camera on phone

Fujitsu develops a technology that measures users real time pulse rate using a front-facing camera on smartphones/tablet or with a webcam on PC by looking at your face’s brightness. This means it computes pulse by measuring the variation in the face’s brightness. I wrote an article on measuring tiny visualization on the video. Fujitsu uses the same idea. The changing of the face’s brightness is due to blood flow, and as MIT research pointed out that it could be used to measure a person’s pulse rate, now we have an app in works, that will do this exactly.

Fujitsu explains the reason behind this face brightness change, that it is the characteristics of hemoglobin in the blood stream to absorb the blue and green light so it reflects the red color. So when blood flows through veins on the face, the face looks red thus drops in brightness. Brightness, drop in the brightness continually constitutes a pulse.To measure that it captures certain areas on your face, say where it reflects the light the most, takes those variation of light, breaks it down to its color components(red,green,blue) value. It then takes the brightness waves in the green component to measure the pulse, and that’s how the technology behind the app works.


The app works by just capturing the face’s brightness for 5 seconds. It automatically chooses your face and body movement and when its still the pulse is measured. As soon as you turn on the app, it video records your face and calculates pulse. As the availability of the technology in any useable form such as apps isn’t yet available, we’ll have to wait for it.

MIT students have already released their Cardiio app last year, and is the top app in the Health category, you can use this app while Fujitsu releases theirs.

All this is about measuring pulse rate without you doing anything but starring at the camera. But there are apps in the marketplace that can measure the pulse by having you touch the phone camera. There’s one available at the app store. That is Instant heart rate for android and iphone. .

Check those if you haven’t already and let the Fujitsu or MIT take their own time to release their technology as an app.

(Instant heart rate demo video)

[via gottabemobile, fujitsu PR]

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