Get A Better WiFi Signal On Your Android

There are happy, frequent situations where you just turn on your WiFi, and you start browsing or doing other related activities without a care in the world. However, chances are high that you encounter a situation where things just don’t go the way you want them to, WiFi-wise. You may experience massive battery drainage, or lack of internet, although it says you’re connected. This could be a big problem if you’re the owner of a device that’s known for having a very weak battery, such as the Moto X from Motorola, or the LG Nexus 5. The reason behind these problems could be anything from overly-thick walls, to the WiFi signal just being poor. Check this article to see how you can improve your WiFi connection easily.

Stay away from poor signals

You can actually turn an option on from within your phone’s settings, that makes sure your WiFi will avoid those poor connection when scanning. You can activate this one by going to the WiFi section of your android phone’s settings menu. It’s a good idea to have this option turned on, just because it saves up a lot of battery, and also spares you the constant frustration that comes along with poor connections.

Get  your own satellite

Before you start discrediting our mental health, just know that we are referring to a small version of a “satellite”, which can consist of a metal bowl, for instance. Another way to obtain the result would be to cut open a soda can and make your mini satellite from that. It’s not ideal and it may not be the most practical thing ever, but it will help you get a better signal when you’re running on a super low network and you’re in desperate need of a WiFi signal, urgent.

Update your firmware and radio

This should mostly concern you if you are using a custom ROM for your smartphone. In case you are, you will probably need to occasionally check and update your phone’s firmware and radio. Keeping these updated is very important for your device’s performance.

No bad connections

You’ve probably connected to quite a few networks, just to find out that they offer an incredibly weak signal, making them unusable. For networks that match the description, don’t keep them stored in your phone, as the device will automatically try to connect to them when the range permits it. Not only will this give you connection to an unusable WiFi network, but it will also perform a massive battery drainage on your device. It’s better if you delete (or forget) them from your WiFi network list.

Don’t mess with the antenna

It is important that you don’t interfere with your phone’s antenna, obstructing the signal in any way. A common way users manage to do that without even knowing, is by using a case. This applies especially when the phone case has a lot of metal components. You can check to see if your case hinders your connection by doing two Ookla tests from the same spot : one with the case on, and one with the case off.

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