Get back your old facebook profile layout with this browser addon

Facebook Timeline is the new profile. Some love it, some hate it. Facebook on its FAQ page says that once you have activated the timeline layout, you have 7 days to preview it out before reverting back to the older layout.

But what if you don’t act within the trial period and the timeline gets fully activated? You don’t have this problem on the Internet Explorer 6 and 7, as Timeline feature doesn’t work on IE6 or 7. This helps to do some workaround disabling the timeline on other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

First off, you don’t need to do anything to your Facebook account settings. Just some browser addon/extension will do the work for you in less than a minute!

The User-agent Workaround.

This involves having a User-agent switcher addon, and then showing your user agent as Internet Explorer 6 as the Facebook Timeline doesn’t work on IE 6 and 7. To do this download and install User Agent Switcher, available for Firefox and Chrome.

Once installed, open it, and set the User Agent to Internet Explorer 6 to spoof your browser to the Facebook that you are browsing from IE and you won’t see the timeline!

For Chrome,

1. Install User Agent Switcher for Chrome, from here. You will see a message that looks like the image below showing it has been added.

2. Next, Click on the icon with a mash, and choose Internet Explorer 6. Once you select it, the icon changes to IE6.

3. Now you are all set. Open your Facebook profile and see your old layout is back again!

The Simple Workaround.

The simple way is to install Timeline remover addon, available for both firefox and chrome. You can download it from

Install the addon, restart the browser, in firefox I didn’t have to restart it. Upon checking my profile page, the timeline feature is totally gone, and got the old layout back. Good to see the old layout.



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