Get CyanogenMod Without Rooting Your Device

The Cyanogen Mod is the most popular custom ROM for the devices that run on Android, the problem is that you need have technical knowledge to be able to unlock your rooting device and bootloader. If you want the features that the Cyanogen Mod brings, but you didn’t want to mess with your device, you can have some of the popular Cyanoged Mod features using some tricks and apps that we will show you here.

Pi Locker

The Pi Locker features makes it easy for the user to activate shortcuts only using hand gestures on your screen. Like for example you can set up a shortcut for your camera, you can draw a C on your screen and the camera will pop-out. The Pi-Lock feature is coming as standard part of the Opo N1 in the Cyanogen Mod smartphone. The Pi-Lock feature has been created by a member of the XDA Forum.

The Cyanoged Mod apps are hard to find, unless you know where to look. If you want to search them using Google Play, we found an app that shows the Cyanogen Mod apps that available for download. This way you can download Cyanogen Mod apps without having to go through the trouble of installing the custom ROM. There are some apps that will not work on your phone without the ROM install, but they are only a small number of apps.


The Focal feature is not exactly a Cyanoged Mod, I included it because it is used in Cyanogen Mod, and its one of the best camera apps on the market. After Cyanogen Mod went corporate, the developer of the Focal feature has started to develop on his own.

The feature is still featured in beta, but a lot of users have confirmed they didn’t have any problems installing the app on their phones.The Focal camera brings a lot of camera features to your phone, that your standard camera might not have had.


Install CyanogenMod

While I just present you with some apps that do not require the Cyanogen Mod installed, there is this Cyanogen Mod that does not require your device to be rooted or to have an unlocked bootloader. All you need to have is a compatible device and the Cyanogen Mod will install without a problem.

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