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Windows 8 metro interface start screen is the biggest addition and a daring move by the Windows Team at Microsoft. It still isn’t well received by the desktop users as it was designed with tablet and phone users in the mind. I don’t know. Windows team should have decided that they are going to roll out this change to every Windows 8 users. This is why they brought back the start button in the Windows blue 8.1 after listening to the popular demands by the desktop users. But desktop users seem to love the Metro UI on anything that can be made to look like that, yes, even on Chrome.

chrome extension new metro tab

There is a new extension on the Chrome web store, “New metro tab” that turns the default new tab page into a Windows 8 Metro UI start screen like page. When you install it, it doesn’t recognize the chrome account, so it’s doesn’t add it as the user on the top right side of the screen. But it’s editable, when you go to options from a menu that drops down when you hover on the default name.

It comes with a set of tiles so, you can see how it looks like Win 8 Metro screen. The tiles here are a link with a picture and a background color. You can add or remove or move around the tiles easily. To do that you have to hover over the name on the top right side of the screen. That’s how you get to go to the options and add a new tile.

new metro tab options and new tile

Let’s take a look at adding a new tile. You click on the “Add tile”, as shown above. A box would peep in from the left. Choose the color of the tile, background icon, and an URL or feed URL that changes content, save and you are done.

You can learn about this by editing existing tile. You can do that by right clicking a tile. The bottom context ribbon looks the same as Win 8 Metro UI. You get a bottom context ribbon menu with items on how to change background colors. What I expected is that to look similar to the add tiles box. But it’s alright, the developer decided to do it this way to add more Metro UI to the mix.

new metro tab right-click bottom context

You can change the size of the tile from the right click bottom context ribbon menu. Moving tiles around is just a matter of dragging to move. But while you are dragging you can see, it can only move to where its deemed to be fitted.

Next feature that is really interesting is live tiles. You can make the existing weather tile, a live tile by specifying your location. You can change between fahrenheit or celcius.

new metro tab with weather information

See the weather above there? It’s set to display the weather for Pondicherry, the town I live in. You can edit it by going to your name on the top right, its displays a drop down, select options to go to options.

new metro tab options

You can change appearance from there, edit the settings for live tiles, export the settings to import it on your other computer, and set how many number of recently visited pages to remember, after all it’s a new tab right?

The developer didn’t enable the touch feature, as he doesn’t have a touch based monitor. so it might come soon who knows.

Overall it’s a superb work by the developer.

[via AddictiveTips]

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