Gideon Sundback Zipper doodle, recreated for fun and learning experience.

The Zipper doodle Google made to celebrate Gideon Sundback’s 132nd birthday, the man who pioneered the Zipper, is the one that people found difficult to recreate it on their local html file. I tried and tried couldn’t get it to work with whatever code I managed to copy from the Google’s homepage. But couldn’t recreate it at all. Then dismissed it thinking there is some external Javascript files involved. Today I came to know about those files. I still have those code, I saved from the Google home page, and then made it finally work. I am just Iframe’ing the page now, will later on work on to simplify the code and share a copy paste working code. Enjoy this in the meanwhile.

UPDATE: June 04 2012

Files to get it work locally:

Sorry for the delay in posting this. I was thinking about how to simplify shrinking the libraries. But managed to get the main HTML file down to 646 lines from 1200+ lines.

Here’s are the files that’s powering this doodle in action,

The whole project file – Zipper Doodle (zip file)

That’s it for now. It’s really tough to go through googlescript.js and the other js file to get only the required functions needed for this doodle.


  • Jonathan

    hi guys.. please i need to download The whole project file and i can’t..
    somebody help me please

    • Eshwar Iyer

      The code is live now.

      Unfortunately it’s not available with me. I deleted the entire site and added it later with database alone, the rest of the site’s images and files are deleted. It’s not on my hard disk either. Sorry couldn’t be of no help.

  • John

    Nice work!  Thanks.

  • Jawz007

    How much would it be to ask that the Google Sundback search page be revealed when the zipper is pulled, like the original…and the Google Search and I’m Feeling Lucky buttons work like normal after a search topic is entered as well?

    • knolpadblog

      Search and I’m feeling lucky can be made to work, but the instant background result isn’t possible because it only works with instant on or turned on if its off. For instant its has to be on google’s server.

  • John S. Duckering

    Leave the man alone.  You can’t rush genius!  People ask me, “When is it going to be ready?!”  I answer, “When it’s ready…and not a microsecond sooner!”  Nuff said!

    • knolpadblog

       if this is so interesting please add it to github and let others fork it. Thanks for your concern John :)

  • Carsten Sørensen

    Hi Knolpad,

    Just wondering :) How is it going with the simplified code? :)
    Else grate job!

    • knolpad

      Hi Carsten,

      I have been procrastinating that for weeks now. Thanks. Will get it done asap, if I find some time and hopefully motivation to do that ;)

  • John S. Duckering

    Brilliant! I bust my butt snagging these interactive doodles so that they work locally because Google not always publishes them in their archive pages but this one, the zipper, got by me with the html5. I didn’t get the library files. Looking forward to your complete working code. Again…brilliant! Thanks for your efforts.

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