Global phone directory app promises to keep phone users happy


Truecaller which has over 745 million phone numbers in its database and with crowd sourced other details of the phone number users, looks promising to put caller id, a details rich contact data.

There are other similar caller id phone books in the market. Mr.Number is one such that partners with inflection LLC to provide its reverse number lookup. Truecaller on the other hand crunches all the phone directory all over the world and people shared social details to provide this feature.

This True Software Scandinavia AB the company behind truecaller, gives it a meaningful use by providing crowd sourced call blocking, call filtering and a rich caller id feature for 99 cents a 1000 credit which is the currency to trade contact information. What other phone directory service didn’t offer that Truecaller offers is the people search.

So with the introduction out of the way, lets check out the features of Truecaller.

truecaller-caller-idThe caller id is displayed with a photo and a name of the person who is calling you.

Every person using Truecaller has a profile that helps them connect with others and their friends. You have a block list as with any phone app, and a list of top spammers. You are also asked to auto block calls from spammers. Clicking ok will automatically block calls from rogue guys that a lot of people agree them as a spammer.

One thing to note is that my phone number doesn’t have a name in Truecallers database, which means its me who has to create it. This arises a question of privacy but I guess it’s upto you to decide what you want to share with others on you profile.

But for a guy like me coming from the town of Pondicherry (the place, Life of PI movie is shot) a crowd sourced caller id is a treasure where local yellow pages fails to keep up to date information.

truecaller-profileComing back to profile, it looks like one shown left.

As you can see people can request to view your contacts using credits.

There are also true score and spam score. True score is the measurement of how popular a number is among users. The “true score” is based on how many people are sharing your number on Truecaller over the time. It doesn’t mean a greater score is not spammer.

This brings us to “spam score”. “Spam score” is a measurement of how likely it is that a number is a spam caller. It is based on how many people in the community that have marked a number as spam.

So it’s all crowd sourced which is a good thing letting you and me to decide what calls to pick and what not to.



The app for android is available free to download, which is what I am using here.

The first screen you see when you open the app, is a search. Name or number with or without address.

As you can see in the picture left, there are icon on the bottom of the screen to navigate to. The social is where you see people that are on your contact’s twitter or facebook or others feeds.

The call filter is where you manage your block list and as well as see top spammers list.

The me, is where you manage your profile. What to share, what not to share etc… The people is where True caller suggests people that you may know.

In closing…

So overall it’s a good crowd sourced phone book on the go, with features to block, manage them, and get spammers auto blocked and connect with your contact in a variety of ways.

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