Google Chromecast Beats Android TV; Tips and Tricks Of Top Streaming Tool

ChromeCast is the right tool to use for streaming media from your Android device to your PC or TV until Android TV is released. ChromeCast is the size of a USB, and the its becoming very popular internationally. We will share with you a few tips and tricks on how to use your ChromeCast:

Use your smartphone to turn on your TV

Most of the new TV’s have the HDMI-CEC technology equipped, and what this technology allows you to do is to turn it on using connected devices. You can play a streaming video on your smart phone and it will automatically turn on your TV and also play the streaming video. To make this work you will have to turn the CEC feature on your TV. The CEC usually has a different name that differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  • Sony: Bravia Link or Bravia Sync
  • Samsung Anynet
  • Panasonioc Viera Link
  • Toshiba Regza-Link

If this does not work, the problem might be that if your ChromeCast is plugged into a USB on your TV it might not provide the amount of power it needs to have to run. The solution is to plug your ChromeCast into a wall outlet. The wall outlet  should provide enough power.

Default full screen mode from PC or Mac

You need this feature if you want to cast content from your Mac or PC to your ChromeCast. It helps because you don’t have to always enable the full screen mode.

This feature is done automatically on your smart phone or tablet, on PC you need to press alt+tab when you start casting from full screen and the casted video should remain full screen on your ChromeCast while you can navigate freely on your PC.

Reset your Chromecast

If you want to sell your ChromeCast, lending it to a friend or it is not working the way you should a factory reset. This can be done by accessing the Settings menu for the ChromeCat app, or just hold downthe physical button from your ChromeCast pressed for 25 seconds.

Which applications work with Chromecast?

Not all apps from Google Play Store are supported by ChromeCast, even some that you think should be. You can find a list of the apps that are supported by ChromeCast on the Google Cast Store so you don’t have to go to the trouble of downloading an app an then seeing that it is not compatible with the ChromeCast.

Cast Store for Chromecast INSTALL

You can look for different genres of app that can work with the ChromeCast or even for fun games in the Google Cast Store.

Use Chromecast Offline

If you don’t have any Wi-Fi networks around you and you want to use your ChromeCast there is a way of doing that. You can create a Wi-Fi hotspot using your smart phone. To make a hotspot you need to access Settings on your device then click More (under Wireless &Networks), and after that you need to tap on Tethering&Portable Hotspots and Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Now you ChromeCast can connect to your own Wi-Fi hotspot, and you stream from everywhere. The problem is that it might consume your data if you start streaming YouTube videos.

Sideshows and presentations

People are still waiting for Google to update their Drive app so it automatically stream presentations to your ChromeCast. Until that happens there is a trick that you can use. The app does not allow you to cast presentations or content, you can just go to your Drive account using Chrome Browser and after that just cast it to your TV.

Transform it into a mini game console

Some developers have released games for the ChromeCast. There are games like Hangman or Up Down fish that is a game similar to Flappy Bird. And you can play the games on your TV.

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