Google databoard lets you create custom infographics from their research library

google think insights databoard infographics

Google Think Insights has a Databoard that quickly lets you browse research studies(only mobile shopping available presently) and lets you create a custom infographic that you can share and embed on your websites.

To start with, click on any main topics, shown in the image above. Mobile search moments, the new multi-screen world, mobile in-store research and our mobile planet, to go its page. Now pick the sub topic you want, it then takes to a page where you can easily browse and move to other main topics from the navigation that’s on the left side of the screen.

As you are in that page, click on the research pieces like you see on the infographic, to open it in a light box like window, you can add that piece to the infographic collection basket one by one. As you go through all the topics and make your pick of the research piece, you can then view them all combined as an infographic.

You can edit the infographic, choose what to keep, what to not. You can also move a piece up or down. You can share this on Google plus, Twitter and Facebook You also get an URL for your custom made infographic that you can use to embed on your sites, like I am embedding mine below. Click on copy URL below the social sharing options to get your infographic’s link. You can email this page as well right from the Databoard.

Here’s the code I am using to embed it here below,

For example, I quickly created an infographic on “Smartphones and their implication on easy shopping!” (embedded below)

I expect the library to grow beyond just the mobile shopping.

You can take a screenshot of the entire page and then crop it to just display the infographic. It would be a little time consuming work, as online screenshot tool doesn’t know to wait for a page to load before it takes a screenshot of it and it failed capturing this page. The other way is also a bit time consuming, as you need to manually copy all the png files link and put it together, like I did it below,











You can embed it this way as the iframe embed is looking messy and is not displaying the infographic well. The infographic should be on its own page, and iframed it on the databoard. To embed it like this above, right click and copy the image URL for one image first, paste it on your page and for the rest of the images, the URL structure follows the same pattern,, just replace the xxx with its actual number.

You can use the lines similar to what I have used to display infographic images above,

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