Google Glass Demo Test of Latest Update

There have been opened a few Google offices in San Francisco, LA, and New York for people to go and get a Google Glass experience.

Google has send e-mails on Wednesday to people that want to buy the Google Glasses to come and get a free demo of what Google Glass works like. There will be a Glass guide which will answer every question you have about the product.

The only thing you have to do if you want to go there and test out Google Glass is that you have to schedule your appointment at the Google Basecamp you want to go to. There are three options of appointments.

The first option is for you to go and check the fitting of the Google Glass and get your questions about it answered by a Google employee. The second one is for those that have problems with the product or have more specific questions. And the third one is just for the people who want to see what does it feel like to use Google Glass.

Customers that made the appointment can bring only one companion with them, the only requirement is that you need to be 13 years of age or older.

The product has been available for customers since May, but it can only be bought in America and there was a limited stock of products.

The Google Glass is being improved every year, this is not the final version of the product, but it is still available for purchase by the average consumer.

As I said before the product gets upgraded as times goes by, the Google Glass actually received a lot of different upgrades and many Apps after its release. Just last month there have been a lot of Apps made available for Google Glass, apps like :The Guardian, Duolingo, etc.

The Google Glass from now is a lot better than the one released in May, it has 1 more GB of RAM and a battery battery making the Google Glass last 20% longer than the original version.


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