Google play books App comes to India


Despite the much awaited other Google play features such as music and nexus, Google Books comes to India. The app can be download from the spotlight area or from here.

Competing with Kindle, Nook and other ebook readers, Google with its Books is doing well so far. It’s a tablet owners rejoice, and not bad for the phone users. Although Google books have been in the market for years now, it’s today that it’s been released in India and writing this post only makes half a sense.

Flipkart’s Flyte is doing so well, it’s 1 year anniversary was yesterday and it’s selling ebooks as well and I have purchased one already and the Flyte app is good. Now having Google Books will only be beneficial for bargain hunting and accessing Google’s vast collection of ebooks around 4 million, with around 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installs over last 30 days, the 1 year old baby Flyte has got a long way to go, but isn’t the book that demands the app? yeah! Google books also has books from indian authors to kickstart the penetration while Flyte already has independent publishers on board. I’ll have both the apps, and as always let the book demand its app to be used at the moment.

The top free section is interesting, will get you some books to test the look and feel of the app.

Overall it’s a commerce place and when in comes to book the paid outnumbers the free. And is a great opportunity for independent writers to self publish.


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