Google Replaces Nexus 5 Units And Nexus X Specs Are Revealed As The Nexus 6 Release Date Approaches

While we are approaching the release date for Google’s newest Nexus device swift and surely,  the search engine giant also treats us with a pretty hard to refuse offer for the Nexus 5, last year’s flagship device built in collaboration with LG. Google showcases its generous side as it attempts to get rid of the remaining Nexus 5 stocks by launching a replacement program. This program will allow users that own a faulty Nexus 5 unit to trade their broken phone for a new one, with no charge included. If your phone suffered any screen cracks, water damage or malfunctioning, you can take it back and receive a new functional model free of charge.

As you have probably imagined, not everybody will get to benefit from this extremely generous offer from Google. The condition behind the program is that you bought your Nexus 5 unit that is currently damaged from Google’s official Play Store. This means that Nexus 5 owners from regions where the Play Store isn’t available won’t qualify for the program. United States residents, for example, will get to swap their faulty handsets for new ones.

The program details specify that the users who apply for it will be able to keep their broken Nexus 5 unit until the new, functional phone has been shipped over, at least according to a report coming from Android Central.

Further reports, this time coming from the likes of Droid Life, specify that the process behind the program will commence just as soon as the users who apply for it manage to get in touch with the Google employees specialized in customer care. Droid Life is also the first one to get wind of the replacement program Google is intending.

The Nexus 5 stock clearance goes on as leaks of its successor keep on coming. The Google Nexus X, as it is believed by many that the device will be branded, due to its affiliation with Motorola, seems to have “monster specs” in store for the eager customers, as BGR puts it.

Reports coming in from Italy, more precise from the Italian blog website Android World, suggest that the monster specs mentioned to be part of the upcoming Nexus flagship would consist of a quad core processor, bearing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 branding, clocked at 2.7 GHz, supported by the 3 GB of RAM included. For the device’s camera, we will presumably get a more than decent 2 MP camera for the front facing camera position, while the rear lens will feature 12 MP of its own.

The photos you take with the high-end camera will appear on the smartphone’s impressively large display, which will reportedly measure 5.2 inches and will be capable of displaying images at a 256 x 1440 resolution.

The device will of course pack the latest Android version, which is set to be Android 5.0, or by its sweet name, Android Lemon Meringue Pie  (or Android L). It takes advantage of the Nexus phones status, as it is known that the Nexus lineup always gets the newest updates first.


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