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google inside search

A Google search is not just limited to an information search. You can do more with a search. The search that brings you information and utilities on the front, that you don’t even need to click on the web pages that follows. A Google search is full of little helpful features. As seen from the Inside Search page, you can get results even without searching for them on the pages that appears. Let’s take a look at each of these features.


google scientific calculator

You can perform mathematical calculations. Just typing “333-222″ into search box, will return the answer for you. The calculations are not just limited to basic arithmetic operations. It performs trigonometry (like cos 45), logarithms¬† (like log 100), Pi (like 2 * pi), and so on… It is a scientific calculator.


google dictionary

You can get the meaning to any word, by searching define:word, for example, to the meaning for the word “perplex”, you would search “define:perplex”. Don’t worry about the spelling, as there is a built in spell checker that would prompt you to search the word with correct spelling, if you typed it wrong. It would prompt you “did you mean that“.

Unit conversion

google unit converter

Type in any unit to convert to another. For example a search for “9 kilometers in miles” will return the value in miles. You can convert any units. These are temperature, length, mass, speed, area, volume, fuel consumption, time and digital storage.

Currency conversion

To convert any currency from one to another it’s easy as searching like “1500 usd in inr”. The search structure is number [currency 1] in [currency 2]. You can as well as search by “1500 usd inr”. You can as well as type in multiple currencies in one go like – “1200 usd + 60 euro + 10000 indian money = australian dollars”.

google currency converter

Weather google weather

Search for a weather for your city by, for example, your city weather, “montana weather”. It can be a state, city or town. You will get weather reports combined from the data of – The weather channel, weather underground and accuweather.

To get the sunrise and sunset information your search will be like “sunrise montana” or “sunset montana”.

 Public Statistics

google public data

You can type in “unemployment rate new york” to get the results for it. Similarly type in “china population” to get the public data neatly presented in a graphical view. These 2 are the ones I am able to find for now. Searching for crime rates just returns the pages.



You can search for movie show times just by typing the movie name, since Google remembers you city or town, you will get the results for your place. “The amazing spiderman”. If it’s a recent movie, you will see the cinemas the movie is currently running. You can as well search “Planes new york” to see what cinemas the movie “Planes” is currently running at New York. So your search is not limited to your place but also other places.

google movies


google flights

Search for flight timings, by typing in the name of the airline and flight number. You can also search for flight schedule by searching like “flights from new york to san francisco”


Type in zipcode to see what area that code belongs to. You can as well as search “08807 map” to get the zipcode area on Google maps. You can use this search to find address on the map as well.

Financial Information

You can see how a stock is performing today by search for it by it’s ticker symbol. The information will on be the right side on the knowledge graph. If you are searching from mobile device, you will get an interactive chart. For desktop users, it’s just the current stock’s price, when using Google on your local Google search, for example,, not com.

google financeGo to your browser address bar, and change it to .com to get the interactive chart.

google finance dot com


This is as simple as searching like city or country time, like for example, “sydney time”.

Sports score

If you know a game is playing, type “who vs whom” and you get a score card.

The new addition


Google timer is the new addition to all these collections of search utilities. To bring up a timer, search for “timer for <hours>”, or “timer for 2 hrs 30 minutes and 30 seconds”. You can also bring up the timer by searching for “set timer 45 minutes”. If you are not sure of the time to set, you can enter any thing and once the timer comes up, you can set it manually. You don’t have to rely on any other external site to do this timer countdown for you. You can make use of this latest Google timer.

Once the timer finishes its countdown, it alarms, yes it plays a sound just like your alarm clock. So make sure to unplug your headphones and let all the sounds play on the speaker, when you are away from the computer. Also, when you exit the page by mistake, it asks you if you want to leave the page, so it doesn’t gets closed and would still work.

google timer


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