Google’s next step towards smarter search – knowledge graph for US English Users

You don’t have to be in the US to check out this new Google’s Knowledge graph feature for the search.Though this feature is rolled out to only those who are using Google in US english, if your language is US english already, you can check this for yourself when your search for celebrities, name of places, sports team, movies, art work, geographical locations etc… You can think this of a rich summary put together by the collective intelligence of the web.

Typing Sachin Tendulkar on the Google search bar, the search result page looks a little bit different than the regular search result page,

If you take a look at the knowledge graph above, you see a quick summary like when he is born, height, salary, spouse, children, awards etc… This is knowledge graph in action, instead of the search engine trying to get you results based on your search strings, you get the knowledge on what search engine sees beyond just the strings that is, the association with real life things, people and its/their information!

The source of the information is cited as you can see the bio information is pulled from the wikipedia and the net worth information from [Edit: (March 31st 2013) Net worth is replaced by salary]

Related people are shown, in this case cricketer for further search.

Let’s take a look at a movie, a sports team and a place’s summary box to see how it looks like.

Searching for “pirates of the caribbean” shows you the list of films in that series, shown below,

It shows 2 movies in that series and a general listing. Clicking on them, does a search for that phrase and returns a knowledge graph for that movie.

It shows summary information on release date, director, music, ratings and the dvd release date. Cast members are shown with their photos. Related movies are shown that people search for, something similar to what you see on Youtube and Amazon. [Edit: (March 31st 2013) related movies is replaced by Casts]

Also adds an knowledge graph items bar on the top above the search results, [image below]

knowledge graph items above search

Searching for a sports team, the knowledge graph looks like,

Shows who’s the coach, arena, division, location, conference, and the championships information. Shows player names with their numbers and their position in the basket ball court.

Now, let’s search for a place, Niagara falls and see what the knowledge graph looks like,

As you can see the knowledge graph information goes on and on for each searches, that are qualified as the “object” in the real world with their relationships to other objects. There are about 500 objects and about 3.5 billion facts to go on the summary box on these “objects” search result page.

You can use this feature to go broader and wider on the search, find what you are looking for, quickly glance through the summary and the related search all on the right side knowledge graph box, which Google believes as their next step in a smarter search! I am loving this addition and let me know what you feel about this in the comments section below. :)

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