Gorgeous and Simple Tweak For Speeding Up An Android Device

We’re sure you read your fair share of tips and tricks about the Android operating system helping you take advantage of what great features the OS has and you didn’t even know about. Hate to write an article on the same idea, but we’re sure that this trick about Android’s in-built settings will change your life. We saw ourselves that the tip is not mentioned a lot in reviews, so here’s a great tweak to improve the performance of your Android device.

The trick is all about the transition animations you get between closing an app and opening another. These transitions appear even when you open windows in your browser, and you can actually the speed and performance of your smart device by only checking the settings.

On your chosen Android handset, go to your phone’s Settings. Somewhere in the subcategories (this will depend on what brand is the manufacturer of your device) you will find “Developer Options”. The setting might actually be hidden on some phones, so make sure to thoroughly search through your Settings Menu. Here’s where the actual process starts.

There are three specific settings you have to look for: “Animator duration scale”, “Window animation scale” and “Transition animation scale”. You might find these setting in the main menu (this is how they usually are) but don’t worry if you don’t find them, because some phones hold them in the Advanced section.

Now it’s up to you, since you can change these settings however you like. For example, your smartphone will set by default the “Animation scale 1x” setting. You can then change it up to speed the whole process and get them to “Animation scale 5x”. You can do this with all three of the options. Then, it’s absolutely necessary to restart your Android Launcher.

To do so, you need to open your “Settings” screen, you then need to go to “Apps” which will take you to “All Category”. Here just tap the “Launcher” app. What this will leave you with is a faster working OS and overall better performance.

General Tips

If you already knew about this tweak, then we don’t want to disappoint you. Here are other tips and tricks when looking up in your phone’s performance:

  • Clear the “App Cache” feature periodically
  • Try some app launchers from the Google Play Store – they may work better than the one built-in
  • Clean your phone of any unused apps you’re just saying you’re going to use but you didn’t actually start in months
  • If you have a microSD card, move some of your apps to the external storage to help your phone run more smoothly
  • Erase any shortcuts or widgets on the screen you’re not really interested on

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