GTA 5 Online for Xbox 360 Leaked a Bonus DLC


For all of you gamers that own an Xbox 360, you’re in luck! If you are a big fan of GTA V, you’re going to love these news’: there have been rumors that the Rockstar game will have DLC content exclusive for Microsoft’s console. The rumors aren’t just talk on the Internet, they actually come from a generally trust worthy source: iCrazyTeddy. Another argument favoring this rumor is the tweet from the Xbox Live Rewards saying: “GTA V fans, we’ve got a special offer coming soon that is just for you!”

Now, the information is still at the level of a rumor, since the tweet is no longer available and there is no possible way to know if the Twitter account was official or just some people having some fun starting rumors.

According to iCrazyTeddy, the tweet was removed because rumors have been appearing on the Internet and they wouldn’t want people getting the wrong idea and crazy expectations.

Nonetheless, the Twitter account seems real so it would be nice if the Xbox 360 console will have exclusive DLC content. This brings us to another rumor about the GTA V, and that would be that the Play Station 4 will also benefit from DLC content.

An interview with Sony official sources has revealed a partnership between the tech giant and the Rockstar Games company to showcast special DLC content and items that are limited edition on the PS4 console. These features are expected to come with the re-mastered version of Grand Theft Auto 5 that will be released in September.

As there has been an official statement about the partnership with Sony, we would say that a partnership with Microsoft to showcast DLC content as well is soon to be announced. Otherwise, some Xbox 360 users will be pissed at the GTA 5 owners. We don’t think that Rockstar would be unprofessional and not make a deal with Microsoft as well, but regarding what the DLC content on this console will exactly feature, we are not sure: it could be gameplay, giveaways, freebies or none of the above.

While not Rockstar or Microsoft made any statements about these rumors, we’ll just have to wait and see what the companies have in mind for us.

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