GTA 6 Release Date By Rockstar President

Although Rockstar hasn’t stopped a GTA V sequel up until this point, it is most probable that the continuation of the GTA franchise will drop somewhere within the next couple of years, if it were to follow the example of its predecessors.  Rockstar showcased their GTA Online port for GTA V, letting people know that it is focusing on improving in that department. These GTA 6 rumors have begun almost a year after the release of the successful GTA V.

On the GTA 6 subject, Rockstar president Leslie Benzie declared that the developer currently has “45 years worth of ideas”, as he puts it, and the ideas are there even though they don’t know where they want to go with GTA 6 just yet.

Another possible scenario would be that the development for GTA 6 has already begun, but suffers due to the time and funds invested by Rockstar in GTA Online. In these conditions, we can see the logic behind the developer not wanting to make any announcement for the moment.

One idea they did share with the public was their desire to see the GTA sequel go back and revisit all the previously shown cities of GTA installments. The same Leslie Benzie said that he finds the idea of re-imagining Vice City very interesting in a context where the game would feature one huge world containing all the previously used GTA cities, where players could fly between them and re-visit their favorite areas. Expanding on the subject, he also added that it would feel strange to re-imagine the city (Vice City) in a different time period, due to how iconic 1980’s Miami has been.

There were speculations about the possibility of Rockstar taking the GTA franchise back to London, where it was originally placed within the second installment of GTA. The game in question was called Grand Theft Auto : London 1969, and was released during 1999. These speculations were stomped by Rockstar through Dan Houser, who is a GTA V writer. He added that there is however the possibility of the sequel taking place in a different country, and if it was favorable to the context, it might even feature a female protagonist. He said that the reason behind Rockstar not developing any female-lead GTA installments yet is because they didn’t find the right game or setting for it, but it is something they are always taking into consideration.

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