GTA 6 Release Date Hidden by Rockstar?

Rockstar is elbow-deep in working for the Online Heists pack, and people are already talking about what the next Grand Theft Auto game will be like and what features it will include.

You surely have seen your fair share of GTA 6 articles discussing about the storyline of the game and when the release date is going to be scheduled. There are some people that think that Rockstar Games will actually release the game quite soon, so let’s see exactly what’s up with all of these rumors.

The people that are implying the release date is already set are saying that the Grand Theft Auto 6 game will appear in the month of June, 2017. While this is a rumor we’d like to listen to, meaning that we will enjoy a new amazing game from Rockstar, we don’t know what to say about the truth behind that statement. Also, other rumors imply that the GTA 6 will be called “Return to Vice City”.

The people that started these rumors are saying that the source for the speculations is the Rockstar Games Company and that they announced the release date in the E3 conference of 2014. Regardless, this is just a false allegation.

The truth, as some insiders in the company are stating, is that Rockstar has been way too busy porting the GTA 5 Online version of the game to multiple consoles, which means there has been no time to think about a whole new game. The company didn’t even update current patches, so we know that such a confirmation of the release date is not possibly true.

We’re not saying that the rumor cannot be true, it’s that the company didn’t officially confirm the speculation so it’s good for a GTA fan to know what they’re getting into. If you’re a GTA fan, for now you might just have to sit and enjoy the GTA 5 Online game that is available and wait for official info about a new installment.

What we know for sure is that Rockstar won’t disappoint us with the new GTA game, whenever this one appears. Let them take their time to give us an unique gaming experience, as they succeed to do every time they release a new game.

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