How to Hide ‘Recommended for you’ videos on Youtube

Youtube rolled out a new user interface (UI) earlier this month. The main page looks great and the video page is awesome. But the home page you see when you sign in has this distraction or sometimes annoyance – the recommended videos.

Youtube has been doing a great job of showing similar videos on the video page, so far. But video recommendation is the area that needs to be improved or at least while it’s still not par with that of similar videos, it’s better to not include it with the subscription videos for now.

Hiding the videos one by one isn’t helping right? Some times the videos you watch that’s of no interest to you for a brief time, gets you a recommendation that is still annoying and disturbing. So how to hide it all for now? I wrote a 1 line user script that works both on chrome and firefox that hides all “Recommended for you” videos. To get started,

Install Greasemonkey for firefox or Tampermonkey for chrome, if you haven’t got it already.

On chrome and as well as firefox, after installing it, open this user script “Youtube – Hide Recommended for you” page and install it –

To get it all back, just turn off the script and reload the page.

Turning it off on firefox:

Click on the greasemonkey down icon near the search bar on the right, and click on the script ticked to uncheck it.

Turning it off on chrome

Click on the tampermonkey Icon, and click on the script to turn off, click on it again to turn it on. Then reload the page.


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